The Golden Rule part 1

Why is gold so valuable to us? Why for millennia has it been the epitome of wealth, and the stuff of myth and legend? Nietzsche, through the voice of Zarathustra, in his treatise by the same name, says it is because it is beautiful, rare, and useless. Yet is this really the case? I want to explore a different, almost unheard of aspect of the story of gold that is most amazing (and to explain where the idea for the title of this blog came from).

“[O]ur Stone is nothing but gold digested to the highest degree of purity and subtle fixation to which it can be brought by Nature and the highest effort of Art; and this gold thus perfected is called “our gold,” no longer vulgar, and is the ultimate goal of Nature.”

“Go on babbling about your rain water collected in May, your Salts, your sperm which is more potent than the foul fiend himself, ye self-styled philosophers; rail at me, if you like; all you say is conclusively refuted by this one fact — you cannot make the Stone. When I say that gold and Mercury are the only substances of our Stone I know what I am writing about; and the Searcher of all hearts knows also that I say true. The time has arrived when we may speak more freely about this Art. For Elias the artist is at hand, and glorious things are already spoken of the City of God. I possess wealth sufficient to buy the whole world — but as yet I may not use it on account of the craft and cruelty of wicked men.”

“I do not worship the golden calf, before which our Israelites bow low to the ground; let it be ground to powder like the brazen serpent.”

“Our gold is not common gold, but it may be found in it; and if you operate on our Mercury with common gold (regulating the fire in the right way), you will after 150 days have our gold, since our gold is obtained from our Mercury. Hence if common gold have all its atoms thoroughly severed by means of our Mercury, and then reunited by the same agency, the whole mixture will, under the influence of fire, become our gold.”

“[O]ur Stone is to be found in all metals and minerals, since our gold may be got from them all — but most easily, of course, from gold and silver.”

-Eirenaeus Philalethes, Secrets Reveal’d: An Open Entrance to the Closed Palace of the King

These quotes from the above essay published 1667 (significant in gematria) are significant as they describe The Philosophers Stone—The Great Work of The Alchemists.

The search for the Stone was marginalized not long after the publication of this essay.  It was transmuted into a search for scientific truth during the Age of Reason.  To rational eyes the search for the Stone was seen simply as a ludibrium.

However, accidentally even, and only willy-nilly, the scientific community is returning to origin from hence it came, to the dwelling places of the philosophers as it were (to those who Know).

Incipit David Hudson, an Arizona cotton farmer, who in the late 1970s, I believe 1979, began investigating the highly alkaline soil on his farm.  Upon treating this soil he and his team discovered it had many peculiar properties, chief among them being bursts of light that would emanate from the treated soil when it would be exposed to direct sunlight.

After many years of research—ten to 15—and a bunch of money spent Hudson found out that his soil contained high quantities of noble metals, like gold platinum and rhodium, but they were unique. These metals did not exhibit metallic qualities; instead, they exhibited  ceramic qualities.  No traditional methods for identification were useful in distinguishing these metals. They discovered that when a metal like gold is in a small enough cluster of atoms (I believe it is a maximum of two atoms for gold) it no longer behaves like a metal, but behaves like a salt, and it looks like a fine white powder.

Many remarkable qualities accompany this substance including superconductivity at room temperature, and levitation and the ability to disappear under the right pre-conditions.  Potential health benefits have also been discussed.

The small portion of the scientific community that has researched it has labeled it as exotic matter,  which is the inspiration for the title of this blog.

Here is a link to a recent lecture by Hudson.

The implications of this discovery are vast, upheaval could be seismic.

More later…


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